L and R Revisited


Just a quick revisit. And today, it’s from an iPhone, so it may be a weirdly formatted in places. Ah, technology, you crazy mofo…

Remember my post on how L and R can become mixed up by Asian speakers and some theories behind it? No?? Well, go and read that one before going on with this one. Pleeeeease =]

So, a few days ago I heard something and saw written down that made me think about the whole L and R debacle all over again. This may be dialectically restricted (in this case, west midlands area) but here we go!

When contracting you and will you’ll get that (seewhatIdidthere?!?). But what I saw/heard was:

Your be sorry

For most English speakers, this makes no sense. It’s almost like you want to say “your be sorry what?” or something along those lines. But then I thought about the way that the way it would be said within this dialect; the ‘ll contraction tends more towards the /r/ side of the phonetic spectrum than the /l/ side, and perhaps the interlocutor thought that this was a set phrase that didn’t make sense at face value but held background semantic meaning (the best example I can think of this would be people referring to the phrase spit and image as spitting image. Trust me, it’s the latter!)

L’s and R’s are weird things…


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