-8- Nedovtipa


Noun. Fron Czech.

“Someone who cannot take a hint”


I’m not sure how prolific in usage this word is, but there’s another level of interest here when it comes to using a word such as nedovtipa.

For instance, say you’re in a situation where two of you would like to be ‘alone together’ but a third person just won’t leave. Instead of saying, outright, that you would like them to leave, we use linguistic techniques to almost coax, deter or remove other people without wanting to seem rude*. This is a sociological construct known as saving face.

If that kind of thing in discourse analysis interests you, take a look at this research paper by Haugh and Hinze that uses metalinguistics to figure out how face, politeness and sociolinguistics plays a part in English, Japanese and Chinese.

*Despite the construct being in place, there are many out there who will tell you to get lost. Maybe they’re just steadfast…?


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