-13- Shmegegge


Noun. From Yiddish.

“Someone who is both foolish and a sycophant”


Yiddish is a great language, full of words that can be completely endearing or utterly insulting. In fact, English borrows heavily from Yiddish. Whereas shmegegge is one of the lesser-known Yiddish words (that can also carry the meaning of ‘hot air/nonsense’ and even be used in a derogatory and offensive context should the occasion call for it), there are a few more that could surprise you:

  • Bagel – בײגל
  • Glitch – גליטש
  • Nosh – נאַשן
  • Nudge – נודיען

And of course, some that are a bit rarer but still adopted, mainly through American English:

  • Knish – קניש – a doughysnack made mostly from potato
  • Nebbish – נעבעך – an insignificant person
  • Schlimazel – שלימזל – someone who is chronically unlucky
  • Yenta – יענטע – a female gossip

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