-14- Slampadato


Noun. From Italian.

“A person who frequently uses UV tanning beds”


This is a tricky one for me.

I’m not the best at Italian, and I’m going on some not-too-official sources that this is a word that is used in Italian. However, I cannot find it any online dictionary, so I’m going to deduce that this is slang, whereas most other words I’ve posted are codified in their language.

Nevertheless, this is a great word, and it can be used on (from personal experiences of what I’ve seen in the streets on weekend evenings) many, MANY occasions! I guess the closest slang word that could match in English, to the best of my knowledge, is WAG (being an acronym for ‘Wives and Girlfriends’ with the connotation that the partners of football players enjoy looking more orange than skin-coloured, long fingernails, lots of pink, bleached hair, etc.)

Anyone want to chip-in with advice on this one? If you know your Italian, or have any other interesting or relevant info on slampadato, please leave a comment, as I’d love to get to the root of this one!


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