-17- Zunda


Verb. From Hausa.

“To point or to indicate with one’s lips”


Truth time: I never knew there was such a thing as ‘pointing with your lips.’ I can understand the concept of indicating something with your eyes* (perhaps in an attempt to identify something slyly but ending up looking like a pervert) but never with lips!

Hausa is a language spoken in Nigeria. After doing a bit of research, it seems as though this method of pointing without using your hands or eyes occurs in several different cultures, including Nigerian and Filipino.

This makes me realise how unusual (perhaps, offending?) people may appear to other cultures when performing the Western-identified, remarkably-widespread ‘duck face’ in photographs…

*As a side-note, this dictionary entry indicates that zunda can also incorporate pointing with the eyes. I’m more inclined to follow this definition that my original source for the word, but it still have the idea of ‘pointing without pointing’ in the traditional sense


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