-20- Mokita


Noun. From Kiriwana.

“The truth that all know, but that all agree not to talk about.”


As the picture shows, the closest we have to this in English is the idiomatic phrase, “an elephant in the room” (although I’m not sure all off them would be as nimble to stand on a coffee table AND come with a warning-triangle accessory).

With the English idiom, there is a sense that a subject is at hand that is shared common knowledge but it would either lead to a bad exchange or a worse situation, or even the act of ‘playing dumb’ over something. However, mokita comes with an added sense of a discussion and unanimous conclusion occurring beforehand, that leads to a subject not being talked about in order to prevent something from happening.

Can anyone think of a phrase or word in English that conveys this slightly less-ambiguous meaning?


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