-22- Shemomedjamo


Noun. From Georgian.

“The feeling you get when you’re full from eating lots of food, but cannot stop eating it because the food is so good.”


Despite the crazy pronunciation, shemomedjamo gives the emphasis on the feeling that we get when we cannot bear to leave some food behind because it tastes too good, but you feel quite bloated, like there’s ‘not enough space left!’

The word is from a language is spoken in Georgia (unsurprisingly), which is located a little above Turkey and Azerbaijan. Its writing system looks like nothing else in Europe and it can contain some extremely awkward pronunciations for non-native speakers that usually include huge consonant clusters. For instance:

  • Tma – hair
  • Tskhviri – nose
  • Mts’vrtneli – training



3 thoughts on “-22- Shemomedjamo

  1. Marcin

    Just to precise – mts’vrtneli (მწვრთნელი), is not a “training”, but “a person, who rules a training”, or simply – ‘the coach’. “Training” would be წვრთნა – ts’vrtna.
    And in spite of consonant clusters, try Georgian გვფრცქვნი ‘gvprckvni’ – ‘You peel us’.

    Or even better – Nuxalk language with phrases like xłp̓x̣ʷłtłpłłskʷc̓ – ‘he had had in his possession a bunchberry plant.’ (This is from Wiki, I’m not so clever myself :P)

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