-24- Cq


Noun. From Albanian.

“A sound made that is used to express mild disappointment”


Okay, so I’m cheating a little bit with this one…

There are probably a few word in English that could match this one, and as it is technically an exclamation, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a codified word (e.g. put into a dictionary).

But just look at it. Two letters. No vowels. And a crazy pronunciation following the guide given on this website:

  • ‘c’ is usually pronounced like the first half of the Japanese つ, or ‘ts’
  • ‘q’ is usually pronounced like the ‘ch’ in the German ‘ich’ (a soft ‘ch’ as it’s sometimes known)
  • Ergo, that gives us ‘tsch,’ where the word ends with an unvoiced glottal fricative

Got that?

No… I didn’t to begin with either. However, I have no Albanian contacts that I can verify this pronunciation with, so if anyone would care to comment and tell us more about this exclamation, feel free to do so =]


One thought on “-24- Cq

  1. Mergim H.

    Can confirm, just had a friend send this to me. its more out of disbelief/disrespect. but where im from in Kosovo it sounds more like “tche” less “S”
    but this is pretty much spot on.

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