-27- Ho’oauwaepu’u


Verb. From Hawaiian.

“To stick your tongue underneath your bottom lip, or jut out your chin, to form a lump”


I remember being in primary and secondary school, where you would see this going on all the time. It was usually coupled with the ‘duuuuuh’ sound to indicate to the person you’re ho’oauwaepu’u-ing to that they’re, well, stupid.

I’m sure a lot of readers have also seen this, experienced this and possibly even done it to someone else a few times… but have you ever given it a name? I can’t think of one, apart from calling it ‘that thing where you put your tongue under your lip and push.’

The image above is from a Japanese music video from the early 2000s from a girl-group known as Minimoni. The video, and accompanying music track, was known as “Aiin! Dance no Uta” where the first word, Aiin, was coined by Japanese comedian Ken Shimura and his character, Bakatono. The video portrays what could be described as ho’oauwaepu’u but the full definition was never really decided upon (there’s also the addition of a slicing-motion of the arm towards the neck, which I guess can be seen as a differentiator).

Nevertheless, for crazy J-pop madness/cheesiness, the following video will explain more.

(Well… perhaps not ‘explain,’ but you’ll see something that not many Western people are used to seeing in a music video!)


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