-44- Załatwić


Verb. From Polish.

“To get a job done via the use of friends, contacts, personal charm and/or bribery”



This definitely brings credence to the phrase ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’

Załatwić (pronounced something like ‘za-wat-vich,’ I think) generally translates as a verb meaning ‘to take care of,’ ‘to deal with quickly’ or, more informally, ‘to clobber.’ Such uses of the word can be found in these phrases:

  • Wszystko załatwione – ‘It’s all taken care of’
  • Chcę to załatwić szybko – ‘I want to get in and out fast’
  • Załatwmy to na zewnątrz! – ‘Let’s settle this outside!’

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