-69- Bakwe


Verb. From Kapampangan.

“To smoke a cigarette, but having the lit end in the mouth”


Some may see this as a party trick, or as a mistake. In fact, in the Philippines (where Kapampangan is spoken, if you were wondering) this is a technique that is used as a means of smoking, and is similarly used in Korea and parts of India.

In the Philippines specifically, bakwe is performed during the rainy season, as it provides a warming sensation in the mouth and, presumably, stops the cigarette from being drowned out. While this makes sense (or as much as it can to a non-smoker such as myself!) what I can’t quite grasp is why it is performed mainly by middle-aged women… from a western cultural PoV, it seems like an unusual section of society to perform this.

Then again, this is a western culture currently under the spell of goats that sound like people, so I’m not really carrying much weight with that argument.


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