-76- Jeito


VerbNoun (see comment below!). From Brazilian Portuguese.

“Finding a way of getting something done despite any obstacles”


If only more people would take this word and sentiment to heart; a lot of things could get solved if people took the time to get around their obstacles rather than complaining about them…


One thought on “-76- Jeito

  1. Nalu

    Hey. Just a note, i am brazilian and “jeito” is a noun actually. “Dar um jeito” is a expression often used “He will find a way out” “Ele (he) vai (will) dar um jeito” Jeito could also be used as in “Ter jeito para algo” To be good at something. Jeito itself can refer to one’s manners, Never a verb tho. Despite of anything, I am really enjoying your blog and I admire your work. Very interesting, thanks for this content.

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