-88- Pandir


Noun. From Indonesia (again).

“Someone who is lacking in intelligence, yet who has honesty and innocence”


I’m sure everyone knows someone like this. And if you’re into Pokémon/videogames/general geekery, this may interest you:

The above picture is of a Pokémon known in English as ‘Spinda,’ probably due to the spinning spirals on its eyes & ears, and general dizziness when walking around. However, in German, it is known as pandir. To add to this, a direct quote from this online Pokémon source states:

Spinda have the odd habit of staggering around when they walk. This makes them appear dizzy, but they are not. The teetering walk helps to confuse enemies and potential predators, messing up their aim.

Perhaps they were onto something with this Indonesian link?


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