-91- Friolero/a


Adjective. From Spanish.

“To be very susceptible and sensitive to cold weather and low temperatures”


Apparently, friolero and friolera (masculine and feminine nouns respectively) have a similar adjective in English, known as ‘Nesh,’ in a regional dialect. But, seeing as it’s not standardised, I’m counting this as not having a directly translatable word!


One thought on “-91- Friolero/a

  1. Marcin

    In Polish – you can say “zmarzluch” or “zmarzlak” (with r and z pronounced separately, not as in “rz” – ‘zh’). It’s coming from “marznąć” (feel cold), and this – from mróz (cold, freeze, frost), Proto-Slavic – *marzъ (this “a” later developed in long “o” and eventually “ó” in Polish).

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