-99- Jera


Adjective. From Indonesian.

“Being so scared from a previous experience that you never want to go through it again”


I can very much relate to this. You know that free-fall drops you find in theme parks? The ones where they take you higher and higher and never seem to stop, then suddenly you’re just hanging there and finally whizz down at an alarming rate?

Yeah. Never doing that again.

It can also relate to being heartbroken in love. D’awww.


2 thoughts on “-99- Jera

  1. I was skimming your blog and ended up on this article. I’m Indonesian yet I almost never use this word myself, although I know the meaning and how to use it, but for everyday use people often say “kapok” instead. I’m not sure where is word originated from, maybe from Java 🙂

    • lukeyroo

      Hey Shii,

      Thank you for your insight; it’s great to have a native speaker shed some light on these words!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment =]

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