-138- / -139- Bjor-reifr / Sternhagelvoll


Adjectives. From Old Icelandic and German.

“To be happy and cheerful from drinking”

“To be completely drunk”


So I missed posting yesterday due to an extremely large workload… and possibly watching Eurovision (for the languages and crazy Swedish “half-time show,” might I add! =P )

These two words are great for explaining just how inebriated someone appears to be. Even though bjor-reifr may not be used all that much anymore (and I can’t find a ‘Modern Icelandic’ equivalent) it’s still a good indication that someone has reached that tipsy stage where everything is wonderful. Sternhagelvoll on the other hand is when you’ve reached the limit, and to translate literally, you are ‘full of stars and hail.’

How poetic!


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