Where do you begin?


A Ph.D is a commitment. It takes a lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of resources, and from what I can gather from recent doctoral graduates, sometimes a little bit of luck…

Prior to finishing my lengthy time off from the real world and beginning the ascent up Mt. Ph.D, I took some time to consider just what 3 years of a Ph.D could incorporate and to what it could lead. Of course, these thoughts have been present in my mind even before being accepted onto the course, but now that the start date is fast approaching, things are getting very “real.”

I’m a visual person. I enjoy infographics and if I see a table, chart, graph or diagram in a research paper, my vision makes a beeline for them, cutting through the words until I’ve understood the shapes. Knowing this, I’m prone to making (many) mind maps, one of which can be seen here:

3 years


Writing things down gave me the ability to calm the whirlwind of thoughts that were rushing around in my head. While this is personal to me, I recommend it as a tool to help you when you’re confronted with a tricky challenge and you’re not sure where to start. Most of the points on here are questions that, I’m sure, will be answered in time, and while it is by no means extensive, it does provide me with a snapshot of my brain on a page; something that I can refer back to in a few months time and figure out how far up the mountain I’ve been able to climb =]


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