SFL. Salzburg. Summer ’16. A fundraising request


This blog has been my outlet for many years to share information about how weird languages can be, and in more recent years, how the doctoral process and world of academia can be just as peculiar. But this time, I have a small favour to ask…

I won’t go on, but the long and short of it is this. I (Luke, or Linguatical, depending on where you know me from!) have been accepted to go and present my research on British Sign Language at a European conference in July. Namely, this one: The 26th European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference in Salzburg. This is a huge opportunity for me in the current phase of my studies, as it’ll open up many discussions allowing for me to complete my thesis, to make contacts with a linguistic community that I hope to work with in future research and employment, and to get a new and influential community of researchers into researching sign languages!

The difficulty is, unsurprisingly, the cost. I’m a doctoral student with a scholarship, meaning I get funding to cover living expenses and have a tiny bit left over to stick into savings each month. However, the cost of the conference (at the time of writing, flights, accommodation and conference registration is looking to break £600!) far exceeds that little amount that I save. Also, as I’m neither an employed staff member nor guest of the event, I cannot apply for expenses to cover this cost or have them paid for me by the event institution.

So as strange as it feels to be throwing this out into the Internet, here goes: here is a link to a fund request (repeated at the bottom of the page). If there is any way that you are able to throw a few pennies and pounds at me to make my attendance at the above event happen, you will forever have my gratitude and know that you’ll have helped a linguist get closer to his dream of becoming a lecturer in linguistics! In exchange, I would be more than happy to offer proofreading, linguistic/language teaching, assistance with linguistic essays, quantitative shenanigans, or other things academic . If this is applicable to you, just contact me and we can go from there!

(Note: I have chosen to use Paypal over something like a crowdfunding site as there are no fees involved with Paypal, and there is a huge level of security within transactions. In short: neither party can screw the other one over! I will update this page ASAP if I receive something to ensure an accurate running total. Finally, if it turns out that I can’t reach the amount and people have generously donated, Paypal will allow me to refund everyone in a few clicks.)

So to summarise to all who are reading: your help would mean the world to me… and asking the Internet to trust you on this kind of thing feels very odd. Might as well try, though!

Thanks for your time =]




13/04, 10:30am, £50.00 – Sweet mercy! Not even half an hour, and £50 down! Thank you to that incredibly generous person! I owe them many flat whites 😉

13/04, 10:45am, £70.00 – Holy spacecats! £20 from a fellow Ph.Der. Thank you so very much, you lovely human, you =D

13/04, 11:20am, £80.00 – And another £10 from another Ph.Der! Doctoral students are the best, obviously 😉

13/04, 2:15pm, £130.00 – Wow. I’m blown away by the generosity of those who wish to help me! Huuuuge thanks to a friend from a previous job who never failed to make me feel better (and continues to do so!)

13/04, 6:00pm, £160.00 – Heavens to murgatroid. Another £30 from a selection of lovely people who I’ve known over the course of 14 years! Thank you all very much =D

18/04, 11:50am, £180.00 – Big thanks (in English and BSL) to a fellow BSL learner and brilliant friend for her help!

20/04, 9:00pm, £190.00 – Multumesc to my friend Cory for her help! Make sure to have a look at her brilliant travel blog, too: http://www.youcouldtravel.com/ =]



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