Introducing Linguistics in a Nutshell (LiaN)


Well. This is different.

After several months of deliberation and coaxing from external forces, I’ve finally started what I hope will become an exciting side project to this blog and my academic life.

Allow me to introduce you to, well… me!

While this an introduction to what LiaN will be, future videos will be more linguistic in nature. This will be the audio-visual version of what my blog was originally about: making linguistics accessible. In fact, there are even captions available, as there will be on all future videos. What a steal!

I hope that through a combination of interesting topics, my awkwardness, and the occasional meme, you can enjoy learning about linguistics in an accessible (and hopefully humorous) fashion. Hooray for new media.

(…but boo for the sound quality of my camera that required noise cancellation and caused the quality to go weird. I might invest in equipment if things improve, but for now I quite enjoy spending my money on frivolous things like food and shelter.)

(Also, this is my first real attempt at vlogging, which is far more difficult than I thought it was going to be. Bear with me while I hone my skills!)


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