4 – Share your work


Publish? Perish? P-relax!

Publishing is important, but it’s by no means the only thing you should focus on. The publishing process is something you should experience at least once in your time as a doctoral student, if only to understand the ire held towards Reviewer #2 and how to work with comments that can (sometimes) tear so deeply into your work that they feel like a personal attack.* All being well, you may have one or two articles published before you finish your thesis, which only puts you in a stronger position once you’re finished!

However, don’t fall into the ‘publish or perish’ trap, especially at this stage. Don’t feel like you need to have a monograph in the works, or a special issue ready to go, or that you have pinpointed the exact area of society that will benefit from your work (i.e. the ‘impact’). Get used to the publishing process, the lingo, the difference between Green and Gold Open Access, and so on.

Why not share your work in a different way? Blog about some ideas, or discuss points with others on mailing lists and social networks. It might not be an article in a highly-rated journal (yet), but just getting ideas out there can help the process along.

* Some reviewers – the bad ones –  do sadly resort to personal attacks, rather than sticking to and working with the content. If you feel as though your reviewer has crossed a line, call it out and let the editor know!


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