2 – Prepare for the anticlimax


… because it’s likely to happen, as weird as that might seem.

You’ve spent upwards of 3 years on a project. You’re either excited, sick to the back teeth of it, or a mixture of the two. Your 80,000 words are completed and it’s time to get that draft printed and sent off to your examiners!

Saved. Exported. Printed. Delivered. Done.

… now what?

Sure, your defence is coming up, but that thing that’s been occupying your life almost 24/7 has now finished. Maybe you’ve got other projects in the works, but there will be a sense of anticlimax. You might receive a few congratulatory messages and/or have a couple of drinks to celebrate the submission… but rarely does it feel at that point that 3 years (or more) work is adequately acknowledged.

I’d say that this was just my experience, but I’ve heard it from many others, too. While your work is certainly something to be proud of, don’t expect there to be fireworks and champagne.


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