The name of this blog, as peculiar as it may seem, is a nickname given to me from an old friend. We were chatting about some of the crazy things you find in languages and he was impressed by the amount of weird things I knew. In attempting to describe this to me, he said “I dunno, you’re just so… linguatical.”

And thus, “Linguatical” was born!

What’s this?

The purpose of Linguatical (formerly ‘Colourless Green Linguistics’) is to identify and elaborate upon features in languages that may come across as surprising or unusual. It could be something from everyday English language or a specific point in a language spoken by a handful of people. I attempt to use as few bits of jargon as possible to ensure anyone can understand what is happening. Many linguistic articles and write-ups online tend to be focussed at a group who are in the ‘linguistic realm,’ who keenly know their exophora from their elocution, and their discourse from their diacritics (and seem to think that everyone else will, too!) which is why I want to make language and linguistics more accessible to anyone who wants to know more about it.

As of October 2014, this blog also started to function as a page for reflecting on my Ph.D in Linguistics. Expect posts including the extreme highs and crippling lows of the process, and maybe even some information on what I’m trying to find out! 

About the author

I appeared 26-and-a-bit years ago into the world and is only just starting to figure out that path that lies ahead. I’d like to think that I’m as serious as I am silly, and I love languages and linguistics to the point that it’s becoming a bit obsessive. I also (attempt to) play violin, make websites, cook, travel, research, and occasionally get involved in the world of burlesque… but that’s a whole other story.

Some of my other work can be found over at Livemocha/Rosetta Stone here and here, and information about my current research project can be found here.

Enjoy the site =]


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