Simple tips on linguistic analysis (& a change in the Observer’s Paradox?)


Here’s a brief look at ‘data collection’ in linguistic research, what it might entail, and a quick theory on how the Observer’s Paradox might be changing.
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Nearly 15 years on – Reviewing Jackson’s predictions in “A Pictorial History of Deaf Britain”


As my thesis continues to grow and sprawl into multiple areas like some sort of uncontrollable vine (side note: all I have to hand are a pair of secateurs. Woo for metaphors!), I found myself reading “A Pictorial History of Deaf Britain” (2001) by Peter Jackson. I was looking for information regarding the first documented use of sign language in the UK – a record marriage dated 5th February 1576 from a church in Leicester (available to view from this part of the DCAL website) – but I stumbled upon something that deems a bit of reflection. I’d also like any interested and informed readers with thoughts on the following to leave comments, if you’d be so kind! Continue reading