Simple tips on linguistic analysis (& a change in the Observer’s Paradox?)


Here’s a brief look at ‘data collection’ in linguistic research, what it might entail, and a quick theory on how the Observer’s Paradox might be changing.
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BSL on the BBC – Offensive or otherwise?


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the awareness of sign languages (particularly BSL) seems to have increased heavily over the past year. That could very easily be due to my involvement in research, but we’ll stick with this as an opening gambit for now… Continue reading

Nearly 15 years on – Reviewing Jackson’s predictions in “A Pictorial History of Deaf Britain”


As my thesis continues to grow and sprawl into multiple areas like some sort of uncontrollable vine (side note: all I have to hand are a pair of secateurs. Woo for metaphors!), I found myself reading “A Pictorial History of Deaf Britain” (2001) by Peter Jackson. I was looking for information regarding the first documented use of sign language in the UK – a record marriage dated 5th February 1576 from a church in Leicester (available to view from this part of the DCAL website) – but I stumbled upon something that deems a bit of reflection. I’d also like any interested and informed readers with thoughts on the following to leave comments, if you’d be so kind! Continue reading