About those absolute adjective orders…


In one morning I’ve been asked six times to comment on this topic. Does this mean my reputation as a linguist is improving?! Continue reading


Grammar, and Its Nazis…


Grammar is one of those words that either causes a temporary heightening of stress, or it intrigues you to a point where you end up losing hours figuring out something about a language (no prizes for guessing which one applies to me) but a recent chat with someone got me thinking about the term “Grammar Nazi”… Are we just throwing it out there when an unwitting Internet user uses their instead of there? Are there greater implications on its use? Continue reading

Grammatical Gender. Or, “Why Mascara is Masculine”


If you’ve learned a language at school in the past couple of decades, you’ve probably been subject to the bane of every language-learners life: grammatical gender. For native speakers of a gendered language, it’s a breeze! For foreign learners, however, you seem to become lost in a sea without rules; a land where everything and anything seems to come with a set of XX or XY chromosomes…

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