“Untranslatable Words” – A reply to a recent Guardian article


I don’t usually post things like this, but a few things really irked me about an article… and its author. Continue reading


Project threesixfive … What happened?!


Has it really been almost 2 months already?!

So, as the more observant of my subscribers/viewers/readers/whatever-you-like-to-call-yourself-ers have noticed, my “threesixfive” came to an abrupt halt at the end of June. Since then, not only have I not posted any new words, I actually haven’t posted anything at all.

Inwardly-directed boohissboo.

So why have I stopped these multilingual shenanigans and explanations? Without going into a myriad of detail (as, chances are, you don’t know who I am and possibly have little to no interesting in my life), here’s way:


Time time timey time. Despite repeating it several times (ha!), I can’t seem to find enough of it recently. Planning out which words are to be used where, finding the links between words, checking that words are accurately represented and then trying to put it all in one post does take more time than I thought I’d need. Whereas a tradition photographic “Project 365” usually requires the snap of a photo and then a click on an ‘Upload’ button, it seems the linguistic equivalent takes more time than I had anticipated at the start of the year…

Employment Doodads

When I started the posts, it was during a time that I was in a 5-days-a-week job with variable hours and more flexibility than I have at present. I’ve recently gone back into studying to become a teacher of languages, meaning I have to learn a lot not only about the ins and outs of several languages, but also more on the aspects of effective teaching and learning. This has, and will, take up much of time over the next year.

I mean, nearly all of time.

Seriously, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to fit sleep in.

Other Gumpf

I could go on about family issues and holidays and plenty of other things, but I’m sure that you know as well as I do that sometimes life just gets in the way. This is exactly what happened here. I realised that I’d miss one day, which then turned into one week, which then turned into two. By this time, I was too embroiled in other things to catch up.


So, to those who were following (and will hopefully continue to follow), I apologise for not being able to keep up. I shall be posting more soon, whether they be general blogs or more words that are quirky from around the world… just perhaps less frequently. As apology, please enjoy this picture of arsonist cows indicating the importance of the preterite tense…



-176- Pu’ukaula


Verb. From Hawaiian.

“To set up your husband or wife as part of a stake whilst gambling”


Yet another Hawaiian word on this list… I could do 365 of purely Hawaiian words if I put my mind to it! Interestingly, many sources put this word down as using the wife only as part of the bet, but a few Hawaiian dictionaries seem to point out that it can be either person in the relationship…

-175- Menggonceng


Verb. From Indonesian.

“To have a free ride, usually on the back of a friends’ bike”


Quick (and I mean, very quick) research online would indicate that this can also be used to indicate any variety of object that is transported on the back of a bike while it is is use. I don’t know how accurate this is, so if any Indonesian speakers would be kind enough to clarify… =]

-174- Kitikiti


Noun. From Tulu.

“The noise attributed to laugher, tittering or the sound made by an analogue watch”


Okay, so the picture has nothing to do with the definition kitikiti, but it reminded me of the song from The Big Bang Theory (which reminds me, I must watch more of The Big Bang Theory).

-172- Parea


Noun. From Greek.

“A group of friends that gather together purely to enjoy each others’ company”


An important aspect of parea is that it does not matter how long it takes for the group of people to meet up, or the length of time between interactions.