Data and information are everywhere nowadays. Describe to anyone born after 2000 that “before Google, you had to really look for knowledge, electronically or otherwise,” and they’ll probably laugh at you.

Either way, it is extremely important in the age of exponential data to check your sources, which is why this short page exists. As a researcher, linguist, and all-round language nut, I’m pretty confident that what I have to say on here will spark interest and provoke further thought. This does not mean, however, that all of the information on this site is factually correct.

Wherever possible, I will try and cite the source of my knowledge on this site via a link. Sometimes these are links to peer-reviewed documents, but other times, I’ll point you to Wikipedia or another blog. Whether or not you take these sources and the resultant ‘facts’ that I state from them as true is at your discretion.

This is not to say that whatever you will find on this site is a lie. As I mentioned, I try my best to give as true a statement as possible in my posts. These will often be contested by others, and this is something I welcome: it is not possible to know everything, so why not spread the intellectual love and collaborate?

In short: my aim here is to intrigue you, make you think and maybe even make you laugh. I will try to give as much accurate information as I can for anything that I happen to write about, but please remember: just because you read it online, doesn’t make it true.


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