Explaining projectthreesixfive


So it’s 2013, and I’m feeling creative =D

Last year, a lot of people – some I know, some I stalk don’t know – did something called “Project 365” in which a photograph was taken everyday and a comment about it was added.

Many of them were fantastic (although I guess it should’ve been called “Project 366″… Spot the pedant…) and I wanted to do something similar.

Similar being the keyword.

For the next 365 days, I intend on using this blog as a portal to handy information on linguistics AND, as a super-special bonus-type-thing, I will add something with the tag of “threesixfive”: a word, with some sort of visual description, that has no direct translation in English.

This idea comes from a book I read a few years ago called “The Meaning of Tingo” by Adam Jacot de Boinot (great book; get it if you like your languages!) … Some examples will be from the book, others will be from personal research.

Hope you enjoy it =]


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