What’s all this about?


Welcome. Hi. Sit down. Grab a coffee. Take a break. Imitate an ocelot. Whatever take your fancy!

The aim of this blog is to take a viewpoint on the way people use and interpret language day-to-day. Many linguistic articles and write-ups online tend to be focussed at a group who are in the ‘linguistic-realm’ and seem to innately know their exophora from their elocution; their discourse from their diacritics (and seem to think that everyone else will, too!), which is why the author of this blog wants to make language more accessible to anyone who wants to know more about it.

Speaking of which, the author: he appeared 26-and-a-bit years ago into the world and still isn’t really sure what he’s doing here. He’s as serious as he is silly, loves languages to the point that it’s becoming a bit obsessive, can’t draw to save his life and is generally a nice guy. When he’s not referring to himself in the 3rd-person, he attempts to play violin, study, socialise, cook, travel, and research for his Ph.D.

His other work can be found over at Livemocha/Rosetta Stone here and here.

Enjoy the site! =]


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